My mission is simple.

With the many resources on this site—the stories, tips, and tricks—I want to give you the confidence you need to go beyond your border. The world is so vast, and I want to show that it can be done on a budget.

“But how do I know this advice will work for me?”

You won’t. Not until you try it yourself. Look, the fact of the matter is that the majority of people will all say something to the effect of, “It’s a dream of mine to travel the world one day.” or the common, “When I retire I’m going to travel the world.” These are things I hear constantly when I talk to someone about my travels. Or better yet, many of my friends see the places I go and tell me things like, “I wish I could travel like you do, I just can’t afford it.” Or the ever-popular, “I just don’t have time.”

It never ceases to amaze me how people can come up with such poor excuses as to why they are not going after their dream of traveling. They are both bogus, and much of what you find on this site will explain why. Oh, so you don’t have enough money? But you happen to have money for those pair of shoes you like so much at the mall, or a newer, nicer car. You have money for the latest version of the iPhone that will run you nearly seven-hundred dollars. You have money to eat out every night, go to the bars seeing the same people you saw in high school, go to the movies, and other everyday things. But you don’t have money to travel? Do you see my point?

You do have money to travel. You just need to make it a priority and stop defining it as this dream you claim is oh-so-unattainable.

The second statement, “I just don’t have time.” in itself, it is a paradox. We claim we do not have time because of our responsibilities. I am one to know. I work 40 hours a week at a hotel front desk, go to school full-time, and I make time to travel. For me, it is during my school breaks and then summer. The reason I say this is a paradox is because in actuality we do not have much time. Are we guaranteed our time here on this earth? No. We aren’t guaranteed even tomorrow, for that matter. So why wait? Why not travel while you still have your youth and can enjoy these amazing places in your prime? This is exactly what I realized. You can’t wait to travel. You have to do it now, because honestly, you never know if you will ever get that chance. Our first-world lifestyle allows us to have the luxury of imagining our lives in the future when we are forty-something, fifty-something, or sixty-something. Not everyone has that luxury, and despite what you may believe, you don’t either. You aren’t given a set amount of time you will be on this earth, so why not make your travel dreams a reality?

This is my mission.


So, are you ready to go?

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